Water Services

Leveraging our vast environmental knowledge and sophisticated technology, we help our clients overcome a variety of water-related challenges including water pollution problems and water conservation while helping them reduce overall costs.

Common Water Problems

Municipal governments are getting more strict in the enforcement of sewer use standards. Industrial discharges, such as biological and chemical oxygen demand (BOD, COD), oils and grease (O&G), phosphorous (P), and even trace chemical compounds, are enforceable. We have experience in achieving compliance through the application of our technologies, coupled with smart application.

The cost of discharging wastewater is increasing significantly. Surcharges can total $60,000 to $300,000 a year. We can minimize or eliminate these costs. We have the experience in the application of our technologies to solve your problem cost-effectively with an attractive payback.

The cost of water is increasing in every jurisdiction as municipalities find ways to support the real cost of supplying water. We’re an expert in implementing water recycling and water conservation strategies including the equipment and controls to make them work. These projects not only have economic paybacks, but also support company environmental sustainability programs and reducing the environmental footprint. These benefits are important to communicate to your customers and to gain public recognition.

In some cases, water is a scarce commodity demanding more treatment. We have installed a number of close loop wastewater solutions that have solved this problem. For example, we have designed and installed the first wastewater treatment system in North America that treats wastewater from a food processor to potable water standards and reuse for sanitation in compliance with HACCP standards.


We design, build, and integrate industrial wastewater treatment into the production process. We are experts at implementing the principles of pollution prevention and cleaner production standards to reduce overall costs.

In addition to smarter design for “end-of-pipe” treatment, we offer environmental solutions involving water conservation, recycling, and pollution prevention applications.

Clean Water Treatment Systems

Our approach is to design customized, cost-effective wastewater solutions integrating proven technologies with our own innovative engineered systems, with a focus on short return on investment.

Services include:

  • Meeting and exceeding regulatory compliance requirements
  • Pre-treatment of wastewater to eliminate sewer surcharge
  • Providing complete turnkey packaged systems
  • Minimizing operating and maintenance costs
  • Designing modular expandable systems with minimum footprint
  • Providing best available technology in a cost-effective manner
  • Conduct pilot testing to confirm workable approach

We specialize in a wide range of water treatment solutions including:

We provide micro-, nano- and ultrafiltration membrane separation systems as well as Reverse Osmosis for pure water applications. We combine these tools for treating wastewater, process water recycling and product recovery, providing numerous opportunities for process cost savings. 

We fabricate and install vacuum ultrafiltration membrane systems designed to be immersed directly into the wastewater. As a plate-style membrane, a vacuum is applied on the inside, pulling the water through.  These membranes are highly efficient in removing contaminants including soluble organics (or BOD), and they provide a high-flow rate.

System HydroKleen is our high-efficiency biological wastewater treatment system designed for high organic loading, BOD, TSS, nitrogen, and phosphorous. Removal rates up to 99% are achieved. As a Membrane Bioreactor, it has a small footprint as any undegraded organics that leave the aeration chamber will be filtered by the membrane system and recirculated back to the aeration chamber.

We have designed and installed numerous water recycling and reuse solutions including complete close looped systems. Using innovative technology, we believe the key is in the application. Comprehensive and targeted designs that can be easily installed in your operation can be cost-effective with an attractive payback based on water savings.

We supply fully-automated pH treatment systems for effluent discharge in compliance with municipal sewer standards. A solution that fits a small footprint, the system comes with the data monitoring package and software to track the discharge levels to prove compliance and to troubleshoot the system as required.

We have designed and supply a fully-automated, flow-through, batch treatment system for coagulation, flocculation and precipitation systems. Both treatment technologies are two-step systems requiring a hold-up time and batch mixing. As a flow-through system, the treatment can achieve high daily flow rates while maintaining a small footprint.