Process Technologies

CharTech Solutions: CHAR High Temperature Pyrolysis (HTP) Technology

Our advanced pyrolysis technology converts challenging organic waste streams into three renewable and valuable outputs – heat, energy and biocarbon.

CharTech Solutions: Adsorption Media Technologies

Advanced Adsorption Media Technology for H2S, Siloxane, VOC, and Odour Treatment.

CharTech Solutions: Air Treatment Technologies

Odorous, toxic and hazardous air stops here.

CharTech Solutions: Water Treatment Technologies

Water pollution stops here.

Industry Success Stories

CharTech Solutions: Cannabis Solutions

CharTech and Altech combine to provide innovative services and solutions to ensure environmental compliance, increase operational efficiency, and reduce operating costs for cannabis facilities.

CharTech Solutions: Food & Beverage Projects

Mars Chocolate (USA) Odour & Particulate Control System and Algoma Orchards (Canada) Closed Loop Water System.

CharTech Solutions: Altech & CharTech Solutions

Char Technologies Ltd. (TSXV: YES) subsidiaries Altech Environmental Consulting & CharTech Solutions combine to provide full-service, cost effective, specialized environmental consulting, engineering and technology solutions.

SulfaCHAR: Renewable Gas Applications

A gas cleaning solution for all renewable natural gas applications.