Process Technologies

Advanced Environmental Technologies That Work

From our CHAR High Temperature Pyrolysis (HTP) Technology to leading-edge clean water and air treatment solutions, we deliver cost-effective solutions that meet our clients’ most challenging needs.


Our HTP Technology converts challenging organic waste streams like manure, sludge, wood waste, biosolids, digestate, and others into three renewable and valuable outputs – heat, energy and biocarbon.

Wastewater Treatment (WWT) Systems

CharTech Solutions designs and integrates turnkey, advanced clean water technologies to deliver cost-effective solutions for the challenging needs of our clients.

Our wastewater team specializes in high BOD applications, a common challenge for Food & Beverage processors, organics processors and RNG operations. These include:

Clean Air/Gas Treatment Solutions

We design and implement leading-edge technologies to solve difficult air pollution challenges that reduce costs and ensure compliance.

Our air treatment team specializes in treating odourous, toxic, hazardous, dusty and mixed gas streams for a wide range of industrial applications including RNG, Food & Beverage, and Metal and Chemical processing operations.