Industries Served

CharTech Solutions’ team of experienced and specialized engineers have a proven track record for developing cost-effective solutions which have been deployed into numerous real-world applications across a wide range of industries. In each sector, we design, engineer and deliver advanced cleantech solutions with significant and sustainable environmental and financial benefits.

Food and Beverage

CharTech Solutions specializes in reducing pollution, ensuring compliance, and lowering the associated operating costs for this sector to help deliver long-term savings.


We partner with clients in the automotive, aerospace, pulp & paper and wood treatment, among other industries to integrate advanced pollution and waste control into their operations. CharTech Solutions engineers solutions that ensures compliance and reduces operating costs.

Renewable Gas Projects

Our specialized engineering team develops and delivers advanced technologies including pyrolysis for solid digestate management, wastewater treatment systems for liquid digestate management, and clean air technologies for hydrogen sulfide, VOC, siloxane and terpene treatment.