Air and Gas Services

Developing solutions to air pollution issues is one of our most vital services. We continually design and implement leading-edge technologies and solutions that solve air pollution challenges for our clients, while helping them save money and improve their overall business operations.

Common Air Pollution Problems

Regulatory authorities are becoming stricter on enforcing odour control based on odour complaints from residential and commercial neighbours. Our approach to these problems is to understand the specific chemistry causing the odour, then design our air-scrubbing system that targets the removal of the offending odours.

Particulate and those compounds that are defined as toxics require control. Emphasis on particulate, such as PM, PM 10, and PM 2.5, is under more scrutiny as a priority for the government is to protect public health. We deliver patented solutions to control these compounds.

Acid Mists and Aerosols
Acid mists and aerosols products of many industrial processes. CharTech has extensive expertise in acid mist and aerosol removal, including: H2S, HCl, H2SO4, SO2, NH4Cl, NH4F and other fine organic and alcohol mists.

Government regulation on air emissions are strict and complex. Air pollution control requires the assurance that your emissions are in compliance with the regulatory authority. We understand the atmospheric chemistry involved and the modeling required, and we build reliable systems that perform at 98% and higher.

Some emissions are non-routine or emergency releases. Emission control is triggered by an alarm or monitor that reliably starts the treatment process to treat the toxic gas. In some cases, fugitive emissions are an issue, such as the release from storage tank vents where the treatment system must operate continuously. In these cases, we have a Jet Venturi that uses water pressure to pull the air, eliminating the requirement for a fan. In some cases, fugitive emissions are caused by an event in process, such as a tank door or hood opening. We handle these situations with a two-stage system that automatically reacts to the door or hood opening.

Not all air emission problems are always fully understood, especially with odours. Our scientific and engineering knowledge, coupled with our experience, allows us to conduct sampling and investigative monitoring to determine the root cause of the problem. We can conduct vent/duct sampling, investigative analytical programs, and simulated emission control. We also have a number of pilot test units that can demonstrate the solution at your site.


We solve complex air pollution problems including issues involving odour abatement, sub-micron particulate, aerosols, and gases as well as toxic, hazardous, and mixed gas streams.

We have created solutions for a wide range of air pollution problems including:

  • Acid mists and gasses such as H2S, HCl, H2SO4, NH3, HF;
  • Odours such as H2S, ammonia, phenol formaldehyde, fatty acids, etc.
  • Fine mists, organics, and alcohols such as ethanol
  • Creosote and other high boiling PAHs
  • Anodizing and Plating emissions including hexavalent chrome
  • Emergency chlorine gas emissions
  • Metal oxides such as Cu, Zn, Pb
  • Fine dusts and aerosols from all industrial sectors
  • Combustion emissions from solid waste incineration

Treatment Technologies

We have over two decades of experience in implementing environmental solutions to a variety of air pollution challenges across North America. Our technologies include:


Sub-Micron Particles and Gas Flows
We hold the exclusive license for a patented venturi scrubber offering a small footprint, high efficiency, high reliability, and an adjustable throat to accommodate variable gas flow. Collection efficiencies of greater than 99% are achievable for particles less than 3 um in diameter.

Venturi Scrubber Brochure


Particulate, Gases and Aerosols
We hold the exclusive license to a related venturi technology that has all the advantages of System REITHER, but requires a pressure differential of less than 2 inches of water column to operate. Because of the low pressure differential, it can retrofit to existing systems without replacing the fan.


Gas Treatment
This scrubber features a vertical counter-current design for highly-efficient absorption of problem gases. Contaminated emissions are drawn upward through a packed tower, and scrubbing liquid flows down and around the packing material.


Energy and Water Consumption Efficiency
Our Tray Scrubber is innovative, incorporating barriers or trays that force the gas stream through a thin film of water, resulting in the removal of soluble gases. These systems are ideal for product recovery and recycling situations due to the high removal efficiency (in excess of 99%) and low water consumption.


Gas and Vapour Treatment
Our nozzle scrubber has a low pressure differential and has a proven track record with gases such as chlorine, HCI, SO2, NO2, sodium hydroxide, hydrogen fluoride, cyanide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and formaldehyde.


Quenching Hot Gases in a Small Space
We have exclusive license to the patented quench system that has the proven ability to reduce temperatures as high as 2000 Fahrenheit in the span of approximately 6 feet.


Passive and Fugitive Emissions
The Jet Venturi is an excellent solution to low volume emissions that may be intermittent and fugitive in nature, such as those from storage tank vents. The system works by a continuous water spray that “pushes” the air through the engineered venturi, creating a negative pressure or “pull” behind it.


Integral part of Many Designs
We have extensive experience with many kinds of mist eliminators including mesh pad, chevron plate, and cyclonic demisters.


Larger Particles and Variable Gas Flows
Cyclones are simple yet effective devices with no moving parts. They are usually constructed of plastic or metal materials. Cyclones use a centrifugal force generated by a pressure drop to separate particles from gases. Clean exhaust gas is discharged from the top, and solids are discharged from the bottom.