We are committed to CleanTech innovation that works better and costs less

Established in 1986 as Altech Technology Systems, CharTech Solutions was formed in 2018 when CHAR Technologies acquired Altech. The combination of Altech’s team of experienced water and air specialists with CHAR’s pyrolysis and biocarbon development team created a new enterprise – one that delivers innovative technology solutions to address all aspects of environmental pollution for our clients.

By challenging the boundaries of technology, our products and services are focused on waste reduction, water and air treatment, energy generation and biocarbon production, all of which are designed to significantly improve the environment, while reducing costs for our clients’ operations.

At CharTech Solutions, innovation creates better solutions

From our early days as Altech Technology Systems to the present day as CharTech Solutions, we have always envisioned a future where industries enthusiastically embrace innovative cleantech solutions because they deliver environmental and financial benefits.

Our commitment to advanced pyrolysis, in particular, has empowered us to bring a new generation of ideas to market whose practical impact on our clients’ operations has been positive, cost-effective and, most importantly, sustainable.

The CharTech Solutions team has a proven track record of developing and integrating new processes and technologies into real-world applications for a wide range of industries. Our specialized engineers and management team has consistently helped our clients succeed by exceeding sustainability targets, while achieving positive business results.